• We are a no-kill animal shelter for cats. Euthanasia is only invoked in cases in cases of suffering or terminal illness.
  • We are entirely staffed by volunteers.
  • We are entirely funded through charitable donations.
  • We are a family run shelter, and have been so for over forty years.

  • We are committed to saving stray and abandoned cats from around our community.

  • We strongly believe in the humane treatment of animals.
  • We strongly believe that pet ownership is a serious commitment, and we work towards the placement of pets in stable, healthy, and loving homes.






and Micky

"Mickey was my beautiful, loving and wonderfully endearing little boy. He brought me so much joy and affection. I miss his affectionate face rubs, sitting on my lap in the kitchen watching the birds, and his chasing the leaves as they "ran" across the deck. What a precious precious little boy who deeply touched our hearts and blessed us with his love!"


and Mac

"Mack is a cat of many fellowships. He often follows the dogs around the house. He routinely sits or lays next to the dogs. When he wants me to come and sit with him on the sofa he nods his head in that direction. When he wants more affection he reaches out to my hand and pulls it towards him. Mack come typically comes to greet me at the door when I come home. What a great cat Mack is!"

Rescue Policies

  • Please contact us in advance, before bringing in your kitten or cat.
  • You may not bring a cat or kitten directly to the shelter without getting authorization from us to do so first.
  • You may not abandon an animal at the shelter at any time. It is illegal, cruel, and unnecessary.
  • We are not a dog shelter and cannot take dogs.

Why You Should Not Abandon Your Cat Anywhere

  • When a kitten or cat is abandoned they are likely scared or even terrified. Instinctively, a kitten or cat will stay where it's caregiver leaves it, believing their caregiver will return for them.
  • Then the kitten or cat is then forced to survive in the harsh and dangerous outdoors, with threats of cruelty, wild animals, and traffic.
  • Unfortunately, many abandoned cats also elude capture by those trying to help them for many months. This can lead to illness or disease. It can also lead to unwanted pregnancies, continuing a terrible cycle.

Rescue Process

  • Sadly, we are not accepting any cats or kittens at this time. We are a no-kill shelter with limited space, and uncertain adoption patterns. While we want to help you and your pet as soon as we can, we must also protect conditions for our current residents.

Many loving, charming, beautiful, and handsome cats are available for adoption. Come visit to see for yourself!


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"Volunteering at here has been very rewarding and well worth my time. I love the cats."



"I am grateful to be able to support such a generous organization that is doing so much good work."